She thought she had more time to tell him tales of her adventures. How she managed to fit in half-year worth of knowledge in less than a day for her examinations. How she managed to write an unforgettable story seen by 800 people onstage. How she managed to get out of her comfort zone and try something new.

All for the sake of him. She wants to show him her performance with written poetry on the stage and musical tunes of her voyage. He has never seen even once.

She thought that she still had more time. To laugh with him on her silly, cringy jokes. To eat with him from the dish creations she crafted. To listen to his past love story.

However, it’s midnight. Unlike a DVD player, it can’t be repeated nor rewind. You can’t look back to something that has passed your eyes. There are no do-overs. No repetition.




She won’t meet him again. His muffled voice would be lost forever. He left, without ever saying goodbye.

And only guilt of unspoken words is left inside her deep soul.

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